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Northern Maine has long been known for its legendary large bodied deer and massive racks. 200 pound-plus bucks with heavy beams and long tines are truely awsome animals. Our knowledge of the Northern Whitetail feeding patterns, the woods harvest areas and the November rut, gives the serious hunter the opportunity of bagging one of these extraordinary trophies.

We have guided and non-guided hunts for Whitetail Deer. On our non-guided deer hunts we direct our hunters to areas that hold good deer. This helps our hunters tremendously by saving them valuable scouting time. Our guided deer hunt is full service. Our licensed Master Maine Guides are knowledgeable, professional, and will work hard for you. They also try to educate our hunters on hunting the big woods with woods skills and whitetail behavior. We will work very hard to make your hunt with us a successful and highly enjoyable wilderness experience.

We also hold an annual Deer Tracking & Stalking school with famed deer hunter and author R.G. Bernier, where we educate people on how to track & stalk whitetails. R.G. Bernier's books, "The Deer Trackers", "On the Track", and "The Deer Tracker's Journey" are a must read for the serious deer hunter.

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